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JSDVoice is about providing appropriate sound pieces for your personal or commercial project. Whether it be a sound bite on a regional commerical, a tutorial on gardening or an audio book, JSDVoice is inspired to work with your project and add to its creativity.

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With 2+ years of training with the VoiceBox, LLC team, a properly engineered recording is a breeze with nearby resources and a dedicated team.
The demo is a current sample of commercial readings and only touch on some of the most basic forms.  We are open to all styles! 


Jon Donaldson is the voice behind JSDVoice.  He has studied VO for over 2 years with the accredited group at VoiceBox, LLC.  His passion is to build; building can take on many shapes and designs.  Having a wide array of hobbies, activities, and experiences is vital to the project building process.  Jon has been involved with many different areas, as a project manager in the pharma industry, as a volunteer with the local civic council, a state level sports official, nature bound, gardener, woodworker, repairman/tinkerer, upcycler, and father of 3.  There are many more aspects of exposure that Jon can use to help grow your TV spot, radio images, infomercials, or whatever project you have in store!

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